About Us

"The hand is the cutting edge of the mind".  Jacob Bronowski

Our story is simple - two friends, Asaf Miller and Asaf Picciotto, with desire for creation.

We become friends during our military service and kept on creating since then.

We established Polaris Solutions Ltd in 2010 with great desire to build fantastic Battlefield Survivability products (check it out here: www.polarisoluions.com ), and now we are focusing endeavours on our old-new venture - TIPO.

TIPO is a hand tool with a design of “how no one thought about it before”, the need came from Asaf Miller’ past as a roller coaster mechanic with a mission to mount cameras on high electric poles, sound simple enough? Yes, until screws and bolts start falling down…

This was the first time Miller was thinking on how to transform our hand into a tool, TIPO is the result.